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What makes Berry House unique compared to other home builders?

Berry House is Turkey's leading provider of prefabricated housing and multi-purpose buildings. Our products have a harmonious blend of style and quality. Every model in our collection can be customized to meet your exact preferences. We offer design from A to Z.

Do Berry House homes require a permit?

The permit policy of each state and each city varies, please ensure that all permits have been obtained before purchasing a Berry House.

What types of materials and finishes does Berry House use?

Berry House houses are made of durable steel and are fully protected against water damage. Steel does not bend or expand and rot like wood, making it less likely to attract fungi or termites. Another benefit of steel structure is its fire resistance. We use spray foam insulation that complies with the latest energy saving rules.

Are Berry Houses produced in accordance with all seasons?

Berry Houses are manufactured to withstand harsh winter conditions and insulated according to winter conditions. Thanks to our preferred Isıcam comfort model windows, they are designed to keep cool in summer and heat in winter.

Does Berry House pricing include A to Z services?

Yes. Our prices are all inclusive turnkey prices. Special permits and infrastructure works of your existing land are not included in our prices.

Is the Berry House competitive with its prices?

Yes! We are happy to work with you to determine a Berry suitable for your budget and lifestyle preferences. Berry House aims to make you proud with its highest quality and best price policy.

I see Berry House has a wholesale model. Can you give us more details?

Definitely! If you're a contractor, our wholesale prices are a great option.

Why are Berry House designs more buyer oriented than other Container house companies?

Berry House will meet all kinds of demands, from special colors and coatings, siding, plaster, wood and other materials to the coatings you choose. Berry House aims to make a difference with its lifetime materials.

I see you have multiple design styles. Can we locate these anywhere in the USA?


I want Berry House established outside of Connecticut. Is it possible?

If you're outside of Connecticut, we'd be happy to set up a phone appointment to discuss your options.

Can I set up my own cabinets and tools?

We are proud to install the best American branded devices in our modules. Our units ship with all devices pre-installed! This ensures that Berry Houses are ready for use as soon as they are installed on site. If you have devices you want to install, we can discuss your options during your design session. In order to obtain a Certificate of Use, the devices must first be installed. If you can provide us with the specifications of the device, we will work to provide the right amount of space for them.

Could the Berry House change the interior to include more cabinets, an island, or a 4-burner stove? How about the tub?

Yes. We can help you design a Berry that meets your requirements and fits your lifestyle.

Can I add or remove windows?

No changes can be made to the exterior. All of our Berries are designed to be energy efficient.

Do you have options for a fully furnished unit?

Yes! We will be happy to help ensure that your interior is equipped with all the comforts of home.

Do Berry's have air conditioning and heater?

No! You decide how you want to warm up in your Berry.

What type of insulation do you use?

In our units, we use R34 spray foam closed cell insulation and at the same time, heat-proof and protective stone wool inside the walls. At the same time, we prevent sweating and decay thanks to the moisture barriers we use inside the walls.

I want solar panels installed. Can Berry House help with this?

No! Berry Houses also have all the possibilities for solar energy installation.

How does homeowners insurance work for Berry? Should it be added to the existing home policy or will it be a separate policy?

We recommend that you consult your insurance agent regarding homeowner policy options.

Will electricity be connected in a separate meter?

Berry House will connect your unit to the existing electricity service via a new meter, which will allow the unit to pay for its own electricity.

How does the toilet work? A compost toilet?

Your Berry will have a traditional flush toilet. Berry House will connect to the main service lines on your property, providing access to sewer and water services.

Are Modular Homes', 'Small Houses' and 'Prefab Houses' the same?

Yes, all the same. These are just different names used for marketing purposes. All are considered single-family residences.

Can you give me an estimate of what the entire timeline will look like?

The estimated time from order to installation is 60 days, depending on the variability of the Berry House model. We pride ourselves on getting in and out of your backyard quickly.

What is the Berry House warranty policy?

• 1 Year – “Plug and Play” warranty
• 10 Years – “Tail” warranty including structural defects

I live on a hillside. Will installation be possible?

Berry House can be installed anywhere you want. Our Project Managers will be pleased to inform you to make your property suitable.

How far from power lines does the unit need to be?

Your Berry unit must be installed a minimum of 20 feet from power lines.

Are there any special maintenance requirements I need to consider?

Like any home, your Berry will need to be maintained to look its best.

Will I need to replace the roof?

Not for quite a while! Our roofs have a lifespan of 40-50 years.

Does Berry House need to lay a foundation? Is it earthquake safe?

Yes. Foundations shall be engineered according to your site.

What are the setback requirements?

State law requires 4’ setback from the rear and sides of the property. In addition, individual cities may adopt their own setback requirements.

I may need landscaping and hardscaping. Can Berry House help with that?

Landscaping and hardscaping are not within our normal scope of work. However, we’ll be happy to give recommendations on qualified contractors and landscape specialists.

If I move, can I that the unit with me?

Your Berry is placed onto your new foundation. It can be removed; however, it would be more cost-efficient to contact us in the future for a new Berry rather than make arrangements to have it moved.

What is the inspection process?

Inspections are performed by a third party in addition to your local Building Department.

Where are the units made?

We are proud to make all of our units in our factory in Turkey.

I need financing. What is the loan process like?

We will be happy to help set you up with a qualified loan specialist.

Are there any hidden coast I should be aware of, or third parties I may need to pay?

No. Berry House will be transparent with all the costs associated with your build.

Do I need to obtain a traditional mortgage?

You will likely need to obtain a construction loan or a cash out refinance construction-to-perm. Once the unit is occupied, a Permit of Occupancy is issued, and you can transition to a traditional mortgage loan.

Why modular?

Modular homes are constructed with the same quality materials as stick-built homes.  The efficient assembly line process and minimized weather delays cut back the time it takes to build a modular in comparison to stick-built homes.  Berry House homes are built in climate-controlled building facilities, and the finished products are safely transported to their new locations.


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