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Berry Lasaso is designed as 2 pieces of 40Ft containers in a 2+1 house concept. Berry Lasaso is preparing to offer you an unusual experience in the comfort of your home.

Starting Price $99,900



Reinforced steel profile carcass calculated in accordance with the static project of the building.


All floor coverings of the building are playwood.

Interior Wall

1st layer: Glass wool with mineral foil, Polyurethane foam

2nd layer: Beech 09 mm Birch Plywood

3rd layer: Wood Art Ultra Varnished Wood Protector

Outer Wall

1st layer: 15 cm wide 1st class high quality pine wood wide paneling exclusive to our company

2nd layer: Wood Art Ultra Varnish Wood Protector or colored varnish


1st Layer: Glass wool with mineral foil with polyurethane foam

2nd Layer: Beech 09mm Birch Plywood

3rd Layer: Wood Art Ultra Varnished Wood Protector


Insulated single layer panel roofing material

4 cm polyurethane filled roof panel

Anthracite gray marshall paint


PVC joinery

4+16+4 thermal glass comfort series


All electrical installations are under plaster.

Siemens fuses.

Including all exterior sconces and interior led fixtures of the building.

VIKO switches and sockets

TSE cable-special insulated pipe (3x2.5)

Sanitary Installation

All clean water and waste water installations are under plaster.

High quality pvc and pprc pipe

G.M.S. faucets and shower heads 


A.G.T. NATURA RODOS (prk 509) 8mm laminate flooring and 4 cm standard skirting.

2mm thick standard mattress is used


Ceramics were made in 90 cm. Plaster paint on green plasterboard over wooden decoration.

All tiles and ceramics are applied with a high quality brand adhesive mortar.

Ceramic is applied on the inner walls of the shower cabin up to the ceiling. The shower cabin will be made of glass and will be designed as tiled black.

Furnitures & Doors

Kitchen cabinet is produced by our company in accordance with the project. (70 cm refrigerator area, 240 cm counter area including sink)

The bathroom cabinet is designed from wood in accordance with the project and made with a wooden cover.

Interior doors are barn model sliding door as standard.

Exterior doors Egepen deceuninck pvc glazed door


Floor 3X8 size deck shot wood.

Wood carcass



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