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Welcome to Berry House, the world's leading provider of high quality mobile homes. Our company offers a wide range of customizable modular residential and multi-use structures designed to our customers.


As the worldwide leading provider of tiny houses, modular homes and container homes, we are proud to offer our customers the perfect blend of style and quality. With our team of expert designers and builders, we work diligently to ensure that each of our prefab homes is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


We realize that every customer has unique features and preferences for modular homes. That's why we offer a wide variety of customization options for all our models. Whether you're looking for a compact accessory housing unit or a spacious, multi-purpose structure, we have the perfect solutions for you. 

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond the design and construction of our modular homes. We also offer exceptional installation services to ensure your new home is set up quickly and efficiently.

If you want to add an accessory housing to your property, Berry is the perfect solution for you. Our modular homes are designed and built to the highest quality standards and are an excellent investment for your future.Choose Berry House for your modular home project and experience the perfect blend of quality, style and customization. We are confident that our prefabricated houses will exceed your expectations and offer you the perfect living space you have always dreamed of.

Our company, which expanded its production network in Turkey in 2019, moved its investments to the USA in 2022, established its head office in the city of New Haven, Connecticut, and put all its energy into meeting various needs ranging from creating comfortable living spaces that you dream of in America to creating practical usage areas at unique and affordable prices. has grown rapidly by offering solutions. We are not only in the Modular house, Tiny House and Container house business; We are about to create opportunities and challenge the traditional real estate market.

Our Founding Partners Ogun Mert Kaya and Abdullah Bahadır Ugurlu combined their different experiences in business development, entrepreneurship and relationship building to bring this vision to life. Mert, with his entrepreneurial spirit and expertise in business development, and Bahadır, with his dedication and expertise in Export and International Relations, lead their teams with a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.


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