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Berry Fago is designed as a 20ft hotel room concept. Berry Fago is preparing to offer a unique experience to its investors by making your limited spaces efficient.

Berry Longoz is designed as a 40ft and 1+1 house concept. With Berry Longoz, you can experience minimal life and create an additional space where you can host your guests next to your existing buildings. You can earn extra rental income, Berry Longoz is preparing to make its investors happy under all circumstances.

Berry Lasaso is designed as 2 pieces of 40Ft containers in a 2+1 house concept. Berry Lasaso is preparing to offer you an unusual experience in the comfort of your home.

We Specially Designed Berry Aydos as 3 40Ft Containers for You. We have designed a magnificent house with easy installation. With a lifetime material guarantee, Berry Aydos is preparing to offer you a unique experience.


Welcome to Berry House, the world's leading provider of high quality mobile homes. Our company offers a wide range of customizable modular residential and multi-use structures designed to our customers.


As the worldwide leading provider of tiny houses, modular homes and container homes, we are proud to offer our customers the perfect blend of style and quality. With our team of expert designers and builders, we work diligently to ensure that each of our prefab homes is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


We realize that every customer has unique features and preferences for modular homes. That's why we offer a wide variety of customization options for all our models. Whether you're looking for a compact accessory housing unit or a spacious, multi-purpose structure, we have the perfect solutions for you.



Berry House Designs creates thoughtful spaces with every amenity a home could need.


Berry House handles all stages of the process; from permits to site work, installation and handover of the keys.


The entire process takes six to eight months. We pride ourselves on being in and out of your backyard quickly.


With little money down and a lower monthly payment, Berry is less expensive than traditional stick build.


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Easy Setup

It's easier than you think!

Mobile Home

You can install wherever you want without being tied to a single place.

Renewable Energy

You get renewable energy with solar system.

Four Season Use

Berry house has all the insulations that will allow you to live in four seasons.

More Savings

Berry house will allow you to save more due to its features.

Comfortable Living

You will feel at home with its spacious living space.

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